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 IDC Preparation


By the time you start your Instructor Development Course you will have already learned quite a lot about diving. You have covered the basics in your Open Water Diver Course, explored various activities and diving techniques throughout the Advanced OWD and the Specialty programs, and learned how to look after yourself and others in the Rescue Diver Course. As a Divemaster, you have become a role model diver, and may have assisted certified divers and worked with instructors in various courses. You have come a long way, and it is time to review your knowledge and take it to the next level.


What's an idc preparation ?


The main focus of the Instructor Development Course is to show you PADI's teaching philosophy and methods, give you hands on teaching experience, and make you familiar with all the various aspects of working as an instructor. It is assumed that you are comfortable and confident with all the skills and knowledge you learned before, particularly during your Rescue and Divemaster courses. You may have completed these courses a while ago, therefore it is absolutely crucial that you should refresh your memory before the IDC, especially with regard to the 5 theory topics covered in your Divemaster course (Physics, Physiology, RDP, Skills & Environment, and Equipment). During the IDC you will have to be able to focus on your new teaching skills, so you won't have much time left to study physics, physiology etc.


 start your preparation

PADI IDC Preparaton in Bali
  • Re-read all PADI manuals from Open Water to Divemaster – this will not only provide you with an excellent review of the material, but as an instructor you will be able to teach much more efficiently because you're up-to-date on the student materials.


  • Watch as many PADI course videos as possible – pay special attention to the Rescue Diver video as the rescue skills are typically more complex than basic diving skills, and you will need to know them well to be able to teach them.


  • Take the OWD, Rescue and Divemaster final exams – if you have missed any of the answers, go back to the manuals and check the right answer

  • Study the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving and complete the Diving Knowledge Workbook – these are probably the two most useful tools in perfecting your knowledge of theory. The Diving Knowledge Workbook will help you identify areas where you may need some further study and refer you to specific sections in the Encyclopedia. At your level, you should not simply be able to choose the right answer but you must also be able to tell why all the other answers are wrong, and these materials will help you get to this level.

  • ​​​​​Consider taking the PADI Dive Theory Online eLearning program.

  • If you are not actively working as a Divemaster, contact a PADI instructor in your area and assist in courses as much as possible. In particular, try to assist in a Rescue Diver Course to have some extra exposure to these skills. 

  • Study the PADI Instructor Manual and PADI's Guide to Teaching – this can give you a head start during the IDC when part of your job is going to be to become thoroughly familiar with these manuals and find information in them quickly and easily. 

  • Practice the 20 water skills you had to complete during your Divemaster training – during your IDC you will further sharpen these skills so that you are able to demonstrate them perfectly for your students. 

  • Dive as much as you can and have fun!

  • Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss any further preparation that might be suitable for you.

Once you have signed up for your IDC with us, we are happy to communicate with you on a regular basis to make sure that you are progressing with your preparation. It is a great investment of your time as it will let you stay relaxed throughout your IDC and focus on your teaching and other instructor skills.


2- 3 days Preparation before the IDC

Once you have completed your individual preparation at home under our guidance, it is time to get together!

Before starting our IDC schedule, we provide you with an opportunity to find out in which areas you need to close those few small gaps to make sure you are ready to start the IDC. This free and highly flexible program is customized entirely to your needs and those of your fellow candidates.

Whatever your needs, in these two days you're writing the schedule and we will be there to help you. You may want to go through some physics with our staff, jump in pool for a skill review session, or gain a deeper understanding of the latest PADI Instructor Manual and PADI's Guide to Teaching.

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