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In addition to the official PADI IDC schedule, our IDC program contains a number of workshops that will make your life a lot easier as well as giving you an edge in the global employment market once you become an instructor.

What to expect from our unique and high-value workshops ? All of our workshops are very practical and will provide you with indispensable knowledge and skills as a new instructor. Here is a list of the workshops which are integrated in our IDC program with a brief description of how you will benefit from each of them. As a diving instructor, you will have to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades and these workshops are designed to achieve just that.


Instructor speciality Project AWARE Workshop

Are you concerned about the future of coral reefs, sharks and other marine creatures? The good news is that as a scuba diving instructor you will have tremendous opportunities to make a difference! Through your interaction with your divers and students, you will be able to spread the word and create environmentally conscious divers. As part of our commitment to Project AWARE and marine conservation in general, we place special emphasis on teaching you how to organize cleanups, run interesting and inspiring AWARE courses and engage your customers in actions that will help protect our oceans. Check for more information.

In March 2012, BALI BREIZH DIVERS was the first dive centre in Bali to become 100% AWARE, which means that we automatically offer a donation to Project AWARE for every single student diver we certify.

100% Project Aware
cleaning beach

Padi Rescue Diver Workshop

Teaching a Rescue Diver Course for the first time as a new instructor can be a bit of a challenge. We have decided to add this workshop to help you conduct efficient and meaningful courses right after your certification.
We will look at the set up, control, safety, and positioning aspects of the skills in the PADI Rescue Diver Course and you will have a chance to practice them in the water with your fellow candidates.


Discover Scuba Diving Workshop

In a number of locations in the world, Discover Scuba Diver (DSD) are a crucial part of instructors' work. Therefore it is very important that you are comfortable with conducting this program. You will have a chance to be part of people's experience of the underwater world for the first time-a truly inspiring moment for all instructors. 
This workshop is a mandatory component of the IDC, but we have added a special twist to it by covering how the logistics of a particular location may influence your planning and conduct of this program. This will make you an ultimately flexible instructor who will be able to organize fun and enjoyable DSD's anywhere in the world.


Knots Tying and Lift Bag Workshop

diving workshop lift bag

In this workshop we will cover some of the skills from the PADI Search & Recovery Course. You will learn how to tie the bowline, the sheet bend and the two half hitches knots. You will also practice using a lift bag properly and safely and how to maintain good control while teaching these skills to your students.


PADI open Water divers Descents Workshop

Do you remember your descents during your first few dives? You will probably agree that it takes some practice to make comfortable descents in the big blue.
In the PADI Open Water diver Course, student divers learn how to control their descents through a number of steps, from holding on to a decent line or following the sloping bottom to free descents in the end. In this workshop you will learn how to guide your students through this process safely and efficiently. We will provide you with very specific techniques regarding positioning, communication and assistant use. This is the ultimate exercise in control and communication and you will find it extremely useful.

PADI Open Water diver course
PADI Open Water Diver course

A Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent in open water is a complex skill that requires a lot of concentration both on the side of the student diver and the instructor. In this workshop you will learn all the crucial steps to make sure that you can conduct this skill with perfect confidence while looking after both your student and yourself.


Padi open water diver CESA Workshop

Risk Management and Duty of Care Workshop

As a scuba diving instructor, you will have to assess the comfort level of your student divers, the situation and the circumstances all the time. This is a very important part of your risk management. In this workshop we will watch a few videos featuring instructors caught in some tricky situations and teaching dilemmas. The interesting part is that we will discuss how the instructors in the video have dealt with the situations and what could have been done differently.

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