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IDC online

with PADI E-Learning 

PADI's eLearning programs designed for instructor candidates allow you to start your IDC whenever and wherever you like and proceed at your own pace. They are not mandatory, but can be an excellent way to start your preparation. 

Here is an overview of what to expecting terms of service, logistics and prices if you choose to make eLearning a part of your instructor development. Please also check for more information and details.

Why learning online ? 

During our PADI IDC we offer around 18 presentations about all kinds of subjects relating to your life as a PADI instructor. If you choose to take the optional IDC Online eLearning module, you can listen to about half of these presentations online on the PADI website in a Power Point like format including a slide show accompanied by a pre-recorded voiceover and a transcript. This means that during your IDC with us you will have some free time for yourself as you won't have to re-sit the same presentations you have already listened to online. Nevertheless, you are welcome to join our live presentations too.

The advantage of this option is that you can listen to any of the online presentations as many times as you want, and you can make some progress before you even arrive in Bali. The disadvantage is that the presentations are generic, so they are not related to our specific diving circumstances, and you cannot ask questions. Therefore it is very important that you should write down all your questions as you watch the presentations, and bring your notes with you to your IDC so that we can talk about your questions.

padi e-learning padi idc bali
bali idc padi e-learning

Attention, for your information, during the year 2020, PADI imposes changes and all the courses of the IDC will be done online! Do not hesitate to contact us to know in what format you will do your IDC courses according to the chosen dates.

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